TEDxDelhi – Gathering Data on Malnutrition in India

Via the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, here’s Manoj Kumar’s talk from the recent TEDxChange @ TEDxDelhi event.

Kumar is the founding CEO Naandi Foundation, an organization devoted to the eradication of poverty in India.

In an effort to combat hunger, Naandi set out to start gathering data about the lives of people at risk for malnutrition. However, his organization found that many people didn’t even understand the concept of malnutrition:


The fundamental and the most shocking [thing we learned] was that we haven’t met any of the cases where we felt predominantly that mothers knew what malnutrition is all about… When we asked, they said they didn’t understand it. it’s not about the literal meaning of it, we tried to explain what a malnourished child could mean or look like or is. And they haven’t a clue.

The lack of awareness about how a malnourished child would look like was something that we weren’t really prepared for.

There were classic responses like she is talking, she is playing, she is eating, she is sleeping and she doesn’t have fever – so why would you say she is sick?

TEDxChange @ TEDxDelhi – Manoj Kumar on Eradicating Poverty in India


  1. Surviving in India ? No big deal.

    Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of India, Shri Montek Singh Ahluwalia thinks , one can survive in an Indian city for Rs.578 ( approx.$ 12.5 ) per month.

    That is Rs.20 per day ( $ 0.35 ).

    If you do, you are not “ poor “ – as defined by Planning Commission !

    And don’t let it worry you that United Nations computes International Poverty Line at $ 1.25 per day.

    Now, members of National Advisory Council, Aruna Roy , Jean Dreze and Harsh Mander were a bit skeptical.

    So they went to the market and managed to buy with Rs.20 :

     one small aluminum spoon

     25 grams of dal

     Half a slice of bread

     Some washing powder

     A torn piece of cloth

    Then presented the packet ( obviously without gift wrapping ! ) to Montek Singh – who was not amused !

    All the while, TV Channels were busy reporting on Lokpal Bill.

    May be Aruna Roy and her colleagues should have undertaken a 10 am to 6 pm “ Survival Event “ at Jantar Mantar – solely depending on their purchase !

    With regards

    Hemen Parekh


    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

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