Design!publiC 2 at NGMA, Bangalore on October 14!

We hope you’re looking forward to the Design Public Conclave as much as we are. This note is to provide some orientation and preparation for the intense day we will spend together, as well as some background reading that might help you get more out of the day.

As you will see in the Conclave Agenda, we will begin with a discussion of innovation and the Indian corporation, moving on to Public and Social innovation, and then discussing how design might accelerate Start-Up innovation.

Lunch will be in beautiful spaces of the National Gallery of Modern Art. We have taken some care to figure out how to design the space to best encourage and enable conversation.

After lunch, there will be final panel discussion on the actual practice of innovation, followed by breakout sessions on three selected Grand Challenges of Indian Society, namely inclusive higher education, quality maternal and child healthcare, and toilets and sanitation for all. Participants will divide themselves into three groups based on their interests, and will spend the next hour and a half developing innovative solutions to these wicked problems.

Several participants have requested background readings in advance of the event. You might start with this light parable on innovation. Then check out this discussion of innovation and its relation to design. We have also undertaken a survey of innovation theory in India that you might find helpful. Then read this article as well this post, which talk about whether and how innovation can be routinized.

You might also be interested in the subject of the public, and what constitutes public interest, check out this article, which attempts to understand these large subjects.

Finally, you might also be interested in reading Aditya Dev Sood’s thoughts in a New York Times Blog called India Ink on whether there could be a Steve Jobs in India’s future.

Several participants have contacted us asking about the event and how to reach the venue. For your convenience, we have prepared this map, which will guide you to the Design Public Conclave at NGMA.

Stakeholders and partners have already been wrestling with fundamental questions such as how to define and bound innovation? What was the necessary intersection between design and innovation? How to most clearly establish the link between inclusive economic growth and innovation activities? What successful examples of innovation in India can be cited? What are grand challenges of the day towards which we would like to see innovation processes deployed? What kind of policy and programmatic outcomes might be considered success parameters from the up-coming conclave?

Based on these many fascinating discussions, we have penned some of these thoughts in a series of articles:
A Parable on Innovation
The Inside of Innovation
Innovation in India
On Innovation and Design
Can Innovation be Routinized?
Understanding the Public Interest

See the Draft Conclave Agenda here.

Learn more about the Panel Discussions:
Innovation and the Indian Corporation
Is Innovation in the Public and Social Sectors Possible?
Design, User Experience and Start-up Innovation
The Theory and Practice of Innovation

View the space design concepts for the Conclave here.
Read about the exciting local cuisine we will be serving.
Read more about the last Design Public Conclave here.

Participation in Design!publiC is by arrangement only. If you are interested in participating in this conversation on innovation, design thinking, and the public interest please contact us at

Interested in volunteering at Design Public? Read about opportunities here.


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    best wishes for your prog on innovation-

    your prog will boost the effort of persons like me who have
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    shanker pai
    PS- I am a professional lawyer ( S.S. Pai and Co Advocates High Court )
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