ColourNext Themes: Crystal

‘Crystal’ was the final theme discussed at ColourNext Dialogues, led by a panel of M.P. Ranjan and Shimul Javeri Kadri. Shimul described the theme as ‘beautiful, elegant, and relevant,’ a theme that necessitates reflection, a requestioning of form, space and light. She also spoke of the subtlety inherent to theme, which was also reflected in the associated palette, consisting of colours that were variations in hue rather than highly contrasted. M.P. Ranjan picked up from this and talked about how this theme indicates quality, nuance, and the underlying structure of form, thought, and even colour. He spoke of the fractal shapes and geometrical configurations of the installation as imbibing the sophisticated but natural language of mathematics, which is the basic structure of all forms, objects, and possibly even perceptions.

Participants also discussed how each element of the installation and even the colour palette could stand alone as complex and interesting objects inviting deeper reflection, but that all the component elements also work together to create a harmonious whole. They spoke also of the quality of uniqueness of each element as being integral to the theme, in addition to the lightness and simplicity it managed to convey despite its many complexities.

Associated images along with a description of this trend are given below the fold.

Crystal is about understanding and embracing complexity: myriad details and distinct parts come together in an elegant whole, a greater sophistication and new maturity in taste and restraint in consumers generates a deeper appreciation of both, the object and its curation. Complexity, however, isn’t an end in itself; rather, there is growing appreciation for simpler manifestations of complex solutions.

Amidst the cacophony of contemporary Indian life, chaos is undesirable, but minimalism isn’t an option. The growing segment of sophisticated Indian consumers has an eye for fine details and elegant compositions of discrete, complex objects. Whilst the harmony of the larger form, space or object is intact, keeping clutter and noise at bay, each component element is itself complex and begs greater attention and intimate engagement. This new consumer is curious, drawn to new experiences, and appreciative of well-designed objects, both in their aesthetic and practical manifestations. Their preference for elegance is reflected in all their stylistic choices, including their ability to organise and assemble a home that reflects the complex harmonies of modern life.

The colour palette for this theme is both subtle and deep, allowing for a complex interplay of highlights and dips, a confluence of calmness and intensity.


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