ColourNext Themes: Small Joys

‘Small Joys’ was the third of the four themes presented at ColourNext Dialogues. Perhaps most easy to grasp of the four themes, the installation conveyed the joyful aspect of the theme beautifully. The panel, comprised of Nien Siao and Sarita Sundar, was in agreement about the sense of child-like wonder conveyed by the installation, which amongst other elements contained interactive screens where one could play with paper boats floating on virtual puddles.

The discussion then turned to the associated colour palette: while some were in complete agreement about the colours chosen, others were less certain about some of the duller hues, which they found incongruous with their expectations of a bright, saturated palette, which were in fact the dominant colours. Nien Siao, in defense of the palette, spoke about how the trend, while child-like, is not childish. Rather, it can also be a more serene, graceful joy, and not necessarily always an energetic, boisterous one. After all, participants agreed, the ‘small joy’ trend is an ever-present one, across all ages, cultures and classes.

Images associated with the trend, along with a description, given after the fold.

This theme is the most universal, in terms of its relevance and appeal to all sections of society. As its name indicates, it is about the small moments of pleasure that we experience in everyday life, moments that may seem mundane to the outside world, but are sources of happiness, comfort and well-being to the inner self.

Today’s fast-paced, highly demanding lifestyles lead to a pressurized, routinized existence where your own self is sometimes forgotten. Small joys are the moments where you consciously, deliberately, repossess your life, by stealing little moments of pleasure in between the stresses of everyday routine. They are moments where one’s innocence, playfulness and child-likeness are nourished and renewed.

People seem to be becoming increasingly more conscious of the transient state of their day to day lives, and value the present now more than ever, seeking respite, reassurance and comfort wherever they can. They are deliberately taking time to cherish these small joys, which despite their simplicity can offer heightened experiences that are familiar, untainted and pleasurable.

Colours associated with this theme are playful, with variations of intensity, softness, brightness, juxtaposed with softy and muted backgrounds that offer a feeling of familiarity and comfort. There is a certain quirkiness associated with this palette, along with a cheerful and bright disposition.


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