Aditya Dev Sood

Aditya Dev Sood is Founder and CEO of the Center for Knowledge Societies (CKS), an innovation consulting firm that provides design services of a kind that Indian industry never thought it would even need — User Research, User Experience Design, Design Strategy and Innovation Management. Through his consulting work, and also through his writings and his public presentations, Aditya offers a compelling vision of the central role of design and innovation for emerging economies such as India. (more…)

Nishesh Mehta

While working on large scale infrastructure projects in Kosovo and Macedonia with the World Bank, Nishesh often dreamt of solving similar challenges back home, given the much larger potential for impact. For a time, he shelved his thoughts and moved into management consulting at Charles River Associates where he advised private equity firms on energy sector investments. (more…)

Namrata Mehta

Namrata Mehta is a Director – Innovation at the Center for Knowledge Societies, New Delhi. She has an undergraduate degree in Sociology from Delhi University, and a postgraduate diploma in Experimental Media Arts, from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. At CKS, she works closely on technology and infrastructure projects related to ‘mobilities’ in both urban and rural contexts. These range from mobile as well as telecommunication technologies, portable diagnostic devices and transport solutions. Prior to CKS, Namrata has developed games as a research tool for policy makers in the agricultural and urban infrastructure sector.

Divya Datta

Divya Datta, spearheads the Bihar Innovation Lab, a first-of-its-collaborative initiative of Center for Knowledge Societies and Ananya Partners, which uses citizen-centered approaches to design and innovation to create high impact solutions that target critical and hitherto unresolved maternal and child health challenges of Bihar and similar emerging economy contexts. She holds diverse interests ranging from systems thinking, design analytics,
user-centred innovation, (more…)

Prukalpa Sankar

Prukalpa is the cofounder of SocialCops a mission driven data company that leverages multiple open data sources & crowdsourced data to drive decisions through easy to use dashboards. They have built one of India’s largest data repositories – having mined and digitized publicly available information that in the form of govt. repositories, pdf files and excel sheets – making them queriable and visualizable.  (more…)

Carolina Pozo

Carolina Pozo is from Quito, Ecuador. She studied Economics at York University in Toronto and has a Master’s degree in Public Management from the Universita SDA Bocconi in Milan. She was recognized as a promising young leader in Ecuador by The McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University through its “Global Competitiveness and Leadership” program. (more…)

Dr. Jessica Seddon

Dr. Jessica Seddon is the Founder and Managing Director of Okapi and a Senior Fellow at the IIT Madras Centre for Technology and Policy. Her work focuses on the interaction between technology change and institutional environments to understand how new opportunities for achieving social impact emerge. It cuts across sectors ranging from infrastructure to environmental change to healthcare and financial inclusion to identify policy, financial, information, and other initiatives that help groups of individuals and organizations can work together more effectively toward common goals. (more…)

Namit Arora

Namit Arora is a member of the Delhi Dialogue Commission, a think tank of the Delhi government tasked to find innovative solutions to civic problems. Most recently, he led the drafting of Delhi’s Solar Energy Policy. He graduated from IIT Kharagpur and obtained a Masters in Computer Engineering from Louisiana, followed by a great escape in 1991 to Silicon Valley, where he played a cog in the wheel of Internet technology at three failed startups and at Nokia, Cisco, and McAfee. (more…)

Sriganesh Lokanathan

Sriganesh Lokanathan is Team Leader – Big Data Research at LIRNEasia, where he co-established LIRNEasia‘s multi-disciplinary research on generating insights for developmental policy using big data. He also currently serves on Government of Sri Lanka’s expert committee advising on the development of the Western Region Megapolis Plan. He was the key author on the chapter on “The role of big data for ICT monitoring and for development” (more…)

Anant Maringanti

Dr. Anant Maringanti is the director of Hyderabad Urban Lab, a multi disciplinary research programme run by the Right to the City Foundation, in Hyderabad, India. A geographer with a PhD from University of Minnesota, he has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at the National University of Singapore, University of Hyderabad and the National Academy of Legal Studies and Research, Hyderabad. (more…)

Bharath Palavalli

Bharath M. Palavalli is a founding member of the non-profit research group Fields of View (FoV) and currently leads the group. At FoV, he creates games and simulations to explore and identify complexities in urban growth. He is currently working on understanding the conflict-prone relationship between the urban poor and the city in the rapidly urbanizing context of developing countries. (more…)

Pranav Sarin

Pranav Sarin leads Vihara’s work in Indonesia, focussing on applying prototyping approaches to public service delivery, and building innovation capacity among civil society organizations, academicians, and the development sector. Most recently, Pranav co-lead a prototyping effort for reduced MMR in NTB, through which 9 innovations for improved maternal health were developed. (more…)

Eddy Adams

Eddy is an independent consultant specializing in public policy. He works as an adviser, facilitator, evaluator and project manager, and is particularly experienced in transnational assignments. His thematic expertise includes urban policy, social innovation, and labour markets/inclusion – particularly with reference to young people.

Louise Pulford

Louise Pulford manages SIX (Social Innovation Exchange) and global community of over 6000 individuals and organisations – including small NGOs and global firms, public agencies and academics, She is committed to promoting social innovation and growing the capacity of the field. She is working in the field of climate change, inequality and healthcare to improve the methods with which societies find better solutions to challenges.

Maesy Angelina

Maesy is a social entrepreneur and actively work for women empowerment and poverty reduction in Jakarta. She is the research and innovation manager at Cowater International and also served at managerial roles at various organisations such as Senior Program Manager – Knowledge Sector, Programme Officer – Rights and Citizenship for Southeast Asia at Hivos etc. She has completed her masters from ISS Erasmus, Rotterdam.

Gracia Satyawidi Respati

Gracia Respati is a Project Officer for OnTrackMedia Indonesia (OTMI), a local organisation in Indonesia specialising in media consultancy, advocacy and public awareness raising campaigns for social, environmental, and health-related issues. She is the Coordinator for the Mari Kita Bicara (Let’s Talk About It) project on public awareness raising for the issue of sexual and reproductive health in Kupang, (more…)

Ashish Basu

Mr. Ashish Basu is the Co-Founder of SafetiPin, a social enterprise, providing an app and technology environment to make cities safer.  SafetiPin is deployed across 4 countries and 10 cities and has won several global awards in its first year. Mr Basu is also the CEO of Vidyanext, an organization using a unique tech+teach model across 35 centres in Bangalore and Gurgaon. (more…)

Dipika Tuteja

Dipika Tuteja is a practicing architect in Delhi with more than 25years of experience. She   works in the area of Sustainability, Communications / Media, Client’s Engagement, Team Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Dissemination of Case Studies, Designing & Implementation. (more…)

Aditya Nayak

Aditya Nayak is a young entrepreneur with interests in Technology, Design and Change. A libertarian at heart and an activist in a past life. He believes that the next wave of unicorn startups will be the ones that are able to find technology solution to the problem of basics at scale. (more…)

Parvathi Menon

Parvathi has a Masters in Communication from the Hyderabad Central University and is an alumnus of the Management Programme for Women Entrepreneurs at the IIM Bangalore. She is the Founder, Managing Director of Innovation Alchemy Consulting Pvt Ltd, a lead Indian firm in strategic Innovation facilitation; and also the Founder CEO of Fresh Harvest Pvt Ltd, a sustainable agriculture enterprise. (more…)

Pavan Srinath

Pavan Srinath is the head of policy research at the Takshashila Institution, an independent, networked think tank and school of public policy based in Bangalore. He is also Fellow at the Centre for Smart City Governance within Takshashila. Pavan has an academic background in the biosciences and has been working in urban governance and public policy over the past 6 years. (more…)

Annurag Batra

Mr. Annurag Batra is a serial entrepreneur, media mogul, a journalist and an eternal optimist rolled into one. He is a B. Tech in Computer Sciences, a degree, which he acquired before joining Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon, one of India’s leading BusinessSchool. He is a first generation entrepreneur and after acquiring the iconic business media and magazine brand BW Businessworld Chairman of BW | Businessworld, a 35 year strong media brand as well as most respected business publication in the country. (more…)

Sumandro Chattapadhyay

Sumandro Chattapadhyay is Research Director at CIS. His academic interests span over topics of history and politics of informatics in India, new media and technology studies, and data infrastructures and economies. He is also keenly interested in questions and techniques of digital research methods. (more…)

Yatish Rajawat

He is Chief Strategy Officer at, the largest citizen engagement platform in India.  He writes for, Businessworld magazine, Forbes India and several Hindi and Gujarati publications. He is a regular policy commentator on broadcasters like Rajya Sabha TV, Lok Sabha TV, ABP and several other private news channels. (more…)

Karuna Gopal

Karuna Gopal, is an Internationally acclaimed Thought Leader, Columnist, Keynote Speaker and Advisor on SMART CITIES. She is the Founder President of Foundation for Futuristic Cities, a Think Tank that has influenced Urban Transformation in India for over a decade. Karuna contributed to the design of SMART CITIES MISSION of Government of India and has been an invited speaker at the launch of the mission by the Prime Minister. (more…)

Priyanka Ahuja

Priyanka Ahuja, is the Brand and Communications Manager at the Vihara Innovation Network. She holds a Post graduate diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from International School of Business & Media, Pune, a Masters degree in Media studies from Jaganath Institute of Management Sciences and an undergraduate degree in Advertising and Corporate Communication from Delhi University. (more…)

Elizabeth Elson

Elizabeth Elson, MSc, is a public health professional and leader of major donor-funded programmes in Indonesia and Timor-Leste. Her wide range of experience includes working in remote regional government health departments, as well as developing policy at national ministerial level.  (more…)

Kapil Mishra

Kapil Mishra is a well-known political activist and public policy campaigner. At age 34, he is the youngest minister in the history of the Government of NCT of Delhi and holds charges as Minister of Water, Tourism, Art, Culture, Languages and Gurudwara Election. He is also the Chairman of the Delhi Jal Board. He has been elected as the MLA representing Karawal Nagar constituency in Sixth Legislative Assembly of Delhi. (more…)

Sruthi Krishnan

Sruthi Krishnan is a writer and researcher at Fields of View (FoV), where her focus is on participatory media. She anchors ‘Design Across Cultures’, an international collaborative platform at FoV, where students learn to design for real world social problems. She is co-authoring a book on design theory for a general audience. (more…)

Sumit D Chowdhury

Sumit is a global thought leader in the field of Smart Cities, Telecom & Information analytics. He is also the Program Director for Swachh Bharat Mission (Clean India Initiative) with the Ministry of Urban Development. He is a business leader, and entrepreneur, having led large, hyper-growth, multinational telecom and consulting companies in US, Australia & India. He is a Visiting Faculty at Carnegie Mellon University (USA) & Academic Advisor to UWS (Australia). (more…)

Diastika Rahwidiati

Diastika Rahwidiati is passionate about grassroots innovation, and especially interested in the thinkers, doers and fixers that create positive change across Indonesia. As Chief Technical Advisor for Pulse Lab Jakarta she connects ethnographers, social activists and technologists to the Lab’s big data research projects to add local context and encourage the diffusion of the technologies they embody. (more…)

Aiyong Paul Seong

Paul Aiyong Seong is the Deputy Director of the Partnerships for Innovations Office at USAID/India. The office supports partnerships that identify, test, and scale Indian innovations and best practices, for widespread adoption by the government and the private sector. He leads USAID’s water, sanitation, and hygiene (more…)

Maesy Angelina

Maesy Angelina is interested in learning about different ways to catalyze social change. She is currently exploring this through her role as the Research and Innovation Manager of MAMPU, a women empowerment and poverty reduction program in Indonesia. (more…)

Garima Aggarwal

Garima currently works at Ashoka Innovators for Public in the Changemaker Schools program, an ambitious initiative to transform how children and youth grow up across the world. A passionate believer in the potential of youth as harbingers of change, she started two non-profit organizations alongside working in Advertising. Following her passion, she transitioned to education and pioneered the development of several employability assessment instruments. (more…)

Kartik Desai

Kartik is Principal at Asha Impact, an impact investing and policy advocacy organization set up by Vikram Gandhi. He has over a decade of experience in venture capital & entrepreneurship, investment banking and development economics. Kartik has worked with two of the leading impact investment funds in India, Lok Capital and Aavishkaar, as well as set up his own social venture, What’s up Bharat. (more…)

Santosh Singh

Santosh has more than 15 years of experience in the emerging market strategy and market based solutions for development. At present, he is working as a Consultant with the World Bank in their Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Practice. In past, he has worked with GIZ India as a Technical Expert, where he coordinated activities on energy access financing and clean cooking energy. (more…)