03 Nov

10:00 AM

Panel: What is Civic Innovation?

by Diastika Rahwidiati Pavan Srinath Sriganesh Lokanathan Aditya Dev Sood

How does public service delivery need to change in light of rapidly changing ways of connecting, working and living?  

10:45 AM

11:10 AM

Panel: The Top-Down-Bottom-Up Smart-City

by Sumit D Chowdhury Karuna Gopal Parvathi Menon Bharath Palavalli Namrata Mehta

How can we ensure the reconcile public dialogue and citizen participation with the high-level economic and infrastructural planning that is necessary for the success of Indian cities.  

12:15 PM

Panel: Changing Society and Governments

by Garima Aggarwal Sumandro Chattapadhyay Maesy Angelina Divya Datta

What are the appropriate modes of dialogue and engagement between civil society, the private sector and government?  

01:00 PM

01:45 PM

Civic Tech Demos

by Priyanka Ahuja Yatish Rajawat Aditya Nayak Ashish Basu Prukalpa Sankar Gracia Satyawidi Respati

Brief pitches of examples of Civic Technologies and a glimpse into how they will change our polity.

04:30 PM

05:30 PM

Plenary Panel: How do we Accelerate Civic Innovation?

by Santosh Singh Kartik Desai Nishesh Mehta Aiyong Paul Seong Kapil Mishra

What new services will transform the way citizens interact with the state? Who will make them and how?