Divya Datta

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أسعار التحويل للفوركس

his explanation Divya Datta, spearheads the Bihar Innovation Lab, a first-of-its-collaborative initiative of Center for Knowledge Societies and Ananya Partners, which uses citizen-centered approaches to design and innovation to create high impact solutions that target critical and hitherto unresolved maternal and child health challenges of Bihar and similar emerging economy contexts. She holds diverse interests ranging from systems thinking, design analytics, http://www.mylifept.com/?refriwerator=handel-mit-bin%C3%A3-ren-optionen&9a2=8c user-centred innovation, to art, human development and environment and in her everyday work she develops new models for social and public innovation, encouraging participatory design involving citizen communities. Over her various innovation projects she has gained expertise in integrated development; chiefly in public health, nutrition, agriculture, livelihoods, and early grade education. Divya has also been the principal designer of the first-of-its-kind integrated Vaccine Delivery Kit which is a device for field immunization that equips nurse midwives to deliver, in even rural and remote low-resource environments, efficient and hygienic service, at a quality usually associated with resourceful healthcare establishments; we expect this kit to be piloted in 2015 in 8 districts of Bihar. strategie di trading binario video Email her at divya.datta@cks.in or follow her @divya_skdatta on twitter

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