Dr. Jessica Seddon

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click here Dr. Jessica Seddon is the Founder and Managing Director of Okapi and a Senior Fellow at the IIT Madras Centre for Technology and Policy. Her work focuses on the interaction between technology change and institutional environments to understand how new opportunities for achieving social impact emerge. It cuts across sectors ranging from infrastructure to environmental change to healthcare and financial inclusion to identify policy, financial, information, and other initiatives that help groups of individuals and organizations can work together more effectively toward common goals. She has worked in development social science and institutional design for a two decades, with employers and clients ranging from the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank Research departments to the University of California, San Diego, IFMR (Chennai) and IIHS (Bangalore), to the EPA in the US and national government committees in India. Dr. Seddon earned her Ph.D. from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and her B.A. from Harvard University.

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