Kapil Mishra

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adipositas partnersuche Kapil Mishra is a well-known political activist and public policy campaigner. At age 34, he is the youngest minister in the history of the Government of NCT of Delhi and holds charges as Minister of Water, Tourism, Art, Culture, Languages and Gurudwara Election. He is also the Chairman of the Delhi Jal Board. He has been elected as the MLA representing Karawal Nagar constituency in Sixth Legislative Assembly of Delhi.

More about the author He was one of the first people to protest against Commonwealth Games 2010 held in New Delhi and has written a book “It’s Common v/s Wealth” highlighting the various scams and social and environmental concerns related with CWG 2010. He has also exposed the issues of violation of labor laws at Games sites. He has initiated and participated in several protests against exploitation of common people and common resources in the name of “Growth and Development”. As co-founder and coordinator of “Youth for Justice”, a New Delhi based youth action group that works on spontaneous issues that need cognizance, he has led the youth protest on various socio-economic issues, most importantly, the exploitation of Yamuna.

http://www.tsv-warthausen.de/prikotre/9868 Mr.Mishra holds a master in social work from Delhi School of Social Work and has worked with eminent international organizations like Greenpeace and Amnesty International.