Nishesh Mehta

While working on large scale infrastructure projects in Kosovo and Macedonia with the World Bank, Nishesh often dreamt of solving similar challenges back home, given the much larger potential for impact. For a time, he shelved his thoughts and moved into management consulting at Charles River Associates where he advised private equity firms on energy sector investments. Until one day, his dream overran his defenses. Packing up his life of 7 years in 2 weeks, he returned to India in 2012 to co-found NextDrop, a start-up that uses mobiles phones to create a smart grid for urban water distribution.

Currently, Nishesh runs the country’s first accelerator focused on water technology startups, housed at IIM Ahmedabad’s Center for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship. Here, he is working actively with a portfolio of 10 companies and hopes to scale the accelerator to a full fledged incubator by the end of this year. He is also a guest blogger at the Water Network.

Over his 9 year career, Nishesh has had the opportunity to work in 13 countries. He has a dual Masters in Environmental Engineering and Public Policy from the University of Texas at Austin and a B.Tech from IIT Roorkee. Nishesh loves discussing politics and technology trends and respects anyone who can give him a wicked game of tennis.