Priyanka Ahuja priyanka

diamox buy Priyanka Ahuja, is the Brand and Communications Manager at the Vihara Innovation Network. She holds a Post graduate diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from International School of Business & Media, Pune, a Masters degree in Media studies from Jaganath Institute of Management Sciences and an undergraduate degree in Advertising and Corporate Communication from Delhi University. At Vihara Innovation Network, she works in close coordination with cross-sectoral entities, while helping them develop their marketing strategies and communication plans. Priyanka, is a seasoned communications professional having 7 years of experience in the fields of media and education. Priyanka is also Startup Enthusiast and hence has been instrumental in setting up the Startup Tunnel, an early stage incubator at the Vihara Campus. Prior to working with Vihara Network, Priyanka was working on Media and Education based projects. During her tenure with TV Today Group, she focused her efforts on education and developmental journalism. She has been excited by the scope of research in media studies and therefore wants to pursue a doctoral program in the field of media studies particularly in the way information is consumed on social media platforms. During weekends she can be found conducting trainings in various media and business schools.