India’s Top Innovators Under 35

Technology Review released the 2011 awards for India’s top innovators under 35 years of age. Ajit Narayanan, winner of the “Innovator of the Year” award, created a voice device for people with speech disabilities, while Alefia Merchant, winner of the “Humanitarian of the Year” award, created a new method for screening for eye disease in children. Read about these and 16 other innovations by young Indians.

Since 1999, the editors of Technology Review have honored the young innovators whose inventions and research we find most exciting; today that collection is the TR35, a list of technologists and scientists, all under the age of 35. In 2010, we announced the India TR35 list that recognizes the outstanding innovators under the age of 35 for their continuing work in India that has the highest impact locally and globally. Here we highlight innovators in India whose work–spanning medicine, computing, communications, electronics, nanotechnology, and more–is changing our world.

India’s 2011 TR35: Top Innovators Under 35