Dr Ilkka Hämäläinen visits CKS

http://www.negocioseninternetrentables.com/flomance/681 In Conversation with Dr. Hamalainen

http://josiart.at/rete/2994 CKS hosted Dr Ilkka Hämäläinen, Chairman of the Board at Oppo (Optimizing Potential, Finland) at the Chaia Innovation Campus on 16th March. Dr. Hämäläinen heads Oppo, which is dedicated to creating systemic change through integration of business, academia and the internal dynamic of societies and by promoting ‘doing good by doing business’ in BOP markets. Most recently, he has collaborated with IIT Kharagpur to take a first of its kind course on innovation management with an approach rooted in principles of , which would therefore be more widely applicable as opposed to more context-specific approaches.

les risques des rencontres en ligne Dr. Hämäläinen brought a fresh and interesting perspective on innovation and how it should be fostered by creating an enabling ecosystem. Interestingly, in his view, an effort that has not yet positively impacted the context is called a ‘hypothetical innovation’; it is only once the effort has achieved its objective that it can be called an ‘innovation’.

http://kopuamonastery.org.nz/felmor/3189 It has been suggested by social scientists that the role of governments in making social change will decrease, and markets will be in charge through entrepreneurship of empowered citizens driving social changes to improve their own living conditions, or happiness, if you like. – OPPO.fi

http://www.negocioseninternetrentables.com/flomance/2694 At CKS we look forward to explore potential areas of collaboration with Dr Hämäläinen on innovation opportunities in BOP markets as well as new innovation approaches and training methods.