Contextualizing Technology and Behavioural Change: The Case of the Dishwasher

site de rencontre seniors forum “I want a dishwasher in my new kitchen,” a 32 year male corporate professional explained to his architect while discussing ideas for the interior design of his recently bought condominium in Gurgaon, India. This demand certainly appeared a bit quirky to the architect, who immediately started comparing the cost and convenience of getting dishes done by a domestic help to the cost of running a dishwasher. The home owner, on the other hand, had already decided the model of his new machine. After passionately cooking for six years in his American suburban apartment kitchen owing to the ease of use of modern technologies, the professional certainly missed this aspect of his life for the past two years after relocating to India. One of his biggest motivations for cooking came from the desire to have a clean kitchen, during and after the cooking process, which has not been possible since he moved back.

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